Coaching for Creative Business Owners

I am dedicated to helping others uncover their potential.

I once was a 20-year-old newlywed with a dream. I had extremely limited resources and struggled with a deep sense of inferiority.

But, the two things I did have going for me 1) a cheerleader who saw my potential (thanks 23 year-old hubby) and 2) a lot of passion and discipline. 

Year-by-year, I started to see the impact those resources had on my business, and I'm proud to have crafted an intentional business that allows me to share my craft with the world as well as the freedom to spend precious time with my family that I can never get back.

And I want the same for you.

I firmly believe that every single one of us has something to offer, and sometimes all we need is someone who will step into that journey with us and to help illumiate the path.

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You have the talent+potential, but sometimes we need someone to step in and direct our path. Let me save you precious time and jumpstart you on a purposeful+intentional journey to cultivating a business and lifestyle centered around your values.

Coaching Sessions

Option A:

$175 - One 1 hour skype or in-person "ask-me-anything" coaching session focused on honing your business to reach the next level. Leave with 3 actionable steps for immediate implementation.

Option B:

$950 - Intensive 5-session Coaching Package focused on 1) uncovering and curating an authentic brand message that leaves you attracting your ideal customer, and 2) establishing vision for a prospering lifestyle cultivated around your own vision of success both personally and professionally.  Inquire for breakdown of content for all 5 sessions. 

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