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Let me share with you a piece of my story…

I was a 20-year-old newlywed with a dream.

Within the corner of our one-bedroom apartment, I started my business on a tiny wooden desk that could barely fit my iMac (the one item we put on our credit card when the hubs and I got married!). I didn't have many resources (talking minimum wage salary as a Starbucks barista!) other than a commitment to hard work, a digital camera gifted from my dad, and access to a handful of business books. I was insecure and inexperienced. But...

I was dedicated and passionate.

I read books. I put pen to paper and set goals. I took what I was learning in the real world and implemented everything I could-especially when it came to customer service. I made myself a student to light, exploring how it fell on my subjects and what happenend when I adjusted my exposure. I asked questions and befriended other artists I admired.

Year-by-year, I saw the impact that intentional decisions had on my business.

Today, I'm humbled and proud (yes, all at the same time!) to see my business reach a new level of sustainability, to be creating art I'm proud of, and to be commanding a premium price for my services. I've faced so many insecuritites and challenges in my journey to here. Truly, I used to wonder if someone like me could really thrive in a business like this! And what I found:

Because every single one of us has something to offer.

I am dedicated to helping others uncover that potential in this industry. 


1. Mentor Sessions

$175 - 1 hour Skype or In-Person Mentor Session, covering any variety of topics as desired

$750 - (5) 1 hour Skype Mentor Sessions Package. Help curating goals for growth and accountability.

2. 1 on 1 Workshops

$1950 - 6 hour 1-on-1 Workshop. Includes headshots, 2+ hours of mentoring covering attendee’s desired topics, and hands-on shooting with model. Content of shoot tailored to desired feeling/brand of attendee.

3. Visit the blog

Free content + inspiration for your business