Just Married: The Farm at South Mountain

I just love a wedding swimming with notes of rustic charm. Hence, the Farm at South Mountain is one of my favorite venues in the valley. New friend Jillian Hogan asked me to cover this wedding with her and I was blown away with the romantic florals. I pulled some of my favorite shots from the day. Enjoy this overcast wedding day at the Farm and soak in the romance of this intimate celebration of Shena and Henry.

To watch for: bar drinks served in mason jars, overflowing softly hued florals, the groom’s wood-inspired wedding band, and bridemaids in boots (now, who doesn’t love that??!).

Untitled-3Farmatsouthmountain (11 of 39)Untitled-7Farmatsouthmountain (10 of 39)Farmatsouthmountain (17 of 39) Farmatsouthmountain (29 of 39) Untitled-1Farmatsouthmountain (36 of 39)Untitled-5Farmatsouthmountain (38 of 39)Untitled-2Farmatsouthmountain (39 of 39)

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