A Little Sparkle–Always Good for a Girl’s Heart

I asked my mom if she’d buy me a pair of heels for Christmas, so off to Last Chance we went, hoping to get lucky. What I didn’t expect was to get this lucky. I pulled these babies off the shelf as soon as my eyes saw their sparkle from a few feet away, not even realizing what I was holding in my hands. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a new owner of some classy Jimmy Choos.

So I admit, I hardly knew what Jimmy Choo really was before I had these, only that they were special and had a large price tag. What I didn’t know is that these beauties retail for $665. I won’t share our price tag, since they were a generous gift from my sweet mom, but I promise our price was a small fraction of that!

Last Chance, we are friends for life. Brides to be, this may be your new lucky spot for those lovely wedding day pumps.

DSC_0099 DSC_0110 DSC_0117 DSC_0149

In case you were wondering:

  • Yes, I’m taller than Andy when I wear them.
  • No, we don’t mind.

    Date night on Saturday. Oh, how I am ready to slip my feet into these beauties again! :)


    A little side note, CMP is featured on Snapknot, a blog for wedding photographers and engaged couples, today!! Make sure you check out the feature and some of my thoughts here if you haven’t already. I’m so stoked about this!! :)

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