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I have this beautiful, talented friend. You’ve probably seen her on my blog before. Anna Christy Photography took the following images of Andy and I that are so treasured my by heart. The lights, colors…goodness, everything just turned out so perfect! I’m so blessed by this woman’s friendship…and talents. I feel God has blessed us so much with one another in this journey of photography to challenge each other, push into each other’s weakness to help build strength, and to, most importantly, encourage. Anna, you captured these images SO perfectly. Thanks for giving Andy and I pictures we will forever treasure as we journey through our marriage. Even Andy, after he saw them, said, “These are so ‘us'”. Love it. :)


Why do I treasure these so much? Besides the soft light and colors (which is totally partially what I know Andy was referring to when he said “us”), it’s been a tough year full of so many challenges and joys, and we have grown so much. I love seeing our love portrayed at this time in life, 2 1/2 years after we said “I do”. I love seeing how we’ve changed  physically, how we’ve matured, and how we’ve grown in knowing one another. I love how Andy understood what I was going for in the vision for this shoot, how, in that way, he’s really come to know me. C-7379C-7349C-7304C-7282C-7397C-7207C-7192C-7190C-7178C-7673C-7662C-7732So, confession. I bought my first ever grown-up tube of lipstick for this shoot. I’ve of course bought plenty of  obnoxiously colorful lipstick in my long-lived dancing career, but as I was planning for this shoot, I knew there was this one piece of womanhood I really wanted to embrace: lipstick. I feel so grown-up, hauling my tube of lipstick around and applying it in public on date night, hehe. Hubby likes it also–just not when he ends up with pink lips, too.


PTM Storyboard 3 UpThis guy is always inciting me into playing all sorts of new games, pushing me to explore new parts of life, and  inspiring me to pursue my personal health and wellness (he is an excellent workout buddy).He just doesn’t stop keeping my life fun with his never-ending curiosity. He has, without a doubt, gotten me to break the rules more than anyone else.I am, without a doubt, MOST grateful for his ever-ending daily commitment to follow Jesus. I am SO blessed.

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