Android 12: What’s New & What’s Different?

Android 12 is a new version of android released in October 2018. This post will discuss what’s new in android 12 and what you need to know if you’re using android. The new features include: a new Sense operating system, new notification system, a new design language called Material Design, a new app dashboard, new system-wide settings, and much more.

What’s New in Android 12?

Android 12 is a major update to the Android operating system, and it comes with a range of new features and improvements. One of the most notable changes is the new design of the home screen, which makes it easier to find and use apps. Other new features in Android 12 include updated security features, better performance, and more stability. So, if you’re using an Android device and you’re looking for a new update, you should definitely download Android 12.

Better Gesture Controls

There are several new features in the latest operating system update that can make your life a lot easier. For instance, you can now hide apps in the App Drawer using a gesture – just drag it to the bottom of the drawer and release it to hide it. You can now disable notifications for individual apps so you don’t get disturbed while you’re working. Finally, swipe down from the top of screen to open Quick Settings panel and control your audio and phone calls without having to pick up your phone!

New Security Features

Android 12 is packed with new security features that will make your life easier and safer. One of the most significant updates is the new autofill feature which will automatically fill in passwords for you. This makes them more secure and eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords. In addition to this, there are new privacy features that help protect your device and data from unauthorized access. You can now control app permissions individually, stop tracking of location or screen time, and hide system clock settings on devices running Android 12 or later operating systems.

Improved Gaming Experience

There are a lot of amazing new gaming experiences available on phones these days. One of the most exciting is the addition of virtual reality support, which allows you to explore games in a whole new way. Not only that, but improved battery life means you can play longer without needing to charge your phone. Plus, new features like instant replay and low latency gaming make for an even better gaming experience overall!

Updated Keyboard and Multitasking Options

There are a number of new device updates and keyboard options available that you might want to take into consideration. 1. Augmented reality (AR) is now more popular than ever, with new games coming out every day. You can download these games and play them on your phone or tablet. 2. The split-screen feature allows you to use your device screen to display two different applications at the same time – great for multitasking! 3. Android 12 is Google’s latest operating system and it features a redesigned home screen, improved system performance, new privacy settings, etc.


Android 12 is a new operating system released by Google to compete with Apple’s iOS 12. While there are a few new features and improvements included in Android 12, the majority of the update is focused on bug fixes and performance enhancements. As a phone user, you may not notice many changes right away, but app developers and device manufacturers will be quick to update their apps and devices to take advantage of all the new features. Keep an eye out for new updates to your phone and app settings to see what’s new in Android 12!

Android 12: What’s New & What’s Different?
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